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Rapunzel Inspired Room

A enchanting design crafted for a truly magical client. Whitlee, a 5-year-old enchanted soul and an ardent admirer of the captivating movie "Tangled," took the reins of the design herself. She dreamed of her room becoming a living part of the movie's enchantment. Picture a splendid bed adorned with a lightbox window straight from the film, where it seems as if Rapunzel herself is gazing out, yearning to embrace the world beyond. A secret slide on the second story adds an element of surprise, while a ceiling treatment mimics the look of sturdy wood beams, creating an atmosphere of fairy-tale authenticity. The room is adorned with 360-degree paintings plucked from the heart of the movie's magic. To complete this enchanting ambiance, a firepit with ethereal electric flames and a majestic curtain that conceals a magical TV await. Are you prepared for this wondrous and enchanting experience?

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