Adult Themed Interiors
Child Themed Interiors
Star Trek Theater Panoramic-small.jpg
Princess Inspired Custom Themed Castle Children's Bedroom
Black Light Custom Themed Interior Gameroom
Toy Story Inspired Buzz Light Year Themed Bedroom

Adult Themed Interiors

Child Themed Interiors


Woodworking & Sculptures




C&S has been creating Themed Environments for over 35 years for everything from Theme Parks, TV Shows, Tradeshows, Corporate Sets, Dinner Theaters and Free Standing Attractions such as Ripley's Believe It or not and the Miami Children's Museum, High End Restaurants and Bars, as well as Lobbies for Doctors and Lawyers offices etc.

In the last two years we have started focusing our unique skills & passion on custom themed interior, high end residences. We bring our three and a half decades of experience and creativity to help you bring your dreams to life in your home. Creating fully custom themed bedrooms with custom furniture, beds and murals to complete a 360 immersive environment throughout the house, applying faux finishes and murals to accent your distinct style, as well as custom gamerooms, movie theaters, bars, kitchens, mancaves and yes even she sheds.

"As someone who has personally hired Dennis and his team

at C&S, I can attest that they do great work. High Recommended."

                                                          ~Nathan Naversen

Wood Structure


C&S Themed Interiors

1027 Pine Street, Pine Castle, Florida 32824, United States

Phone: 407.826.9075  Fax: 407.826.9095

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